Since 2008 Reverned Wayne Findlay and Sis Joy have ministered to the congregation at Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship Cardiff. Pastor Wayne was born and raised in the city of Cardiff, a stone's throw away from our local church. 

Before graduating from the Shiloh Fellowship Bible School,

Rev. Findlay worked in our Youth ministry. Needless to say he is especially popular with the youngest members of our congregation - particularily when he joins in with the Sunday School action songs!


Pastor Wayne can be found at our local church every Sunday morning or Thursday and Friday evenings.

If you need to contact him out of these times please email:




The Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship Church through the Christian faith encourages a joining together of all people irrespective of whom they are, to serve God by following the Holy Bible which is the living word of God.


We aim to work towards the relief of poverty and the furtherance of education for all, particularly families, children & young people, the elderly and people with disabilities.


We aim to use all our passion, interest in humanity, energy and limited resources to serve those who need it within our communities. We try to provide comfort and support whilst seeking to achieve the best outcomes for anyone needing spiritual, mental and physical assistance.


We seek to do so, by extending a warm welcome to everyone needing help and support or searching for a meaning in life and looking for God.